Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Random post...

Just saw one post from my friend's blog today...
and all of a sudden i feel that i have abandon my blog for a loooooooooonnng time!!
i've been quite lazy this few month...
keep slacking around, played games which is quite boring...

actually now it's 2.45am in russia...
and i'm still sitting infront of my desk...
studying my latin language...

now only i realized that i miss malaysia much more than i thought
i miss my family...
i miss my girlfriend...
and most importantly my secondary school friends...
it's sad that i feel i almost lost contact with my friends...
haven been contacting each other since i came here...
sometimes i would thinks that
"do i have any real friends?"

i saw many people having fun with their friends....
but why am i always so lonely...
after signing into my msn...
i cant find a friend who i can chat with...
i dont know how to start a conversation...

it's stupid talking all these here...
but i just wan u all to know that i miss u all...

I'm gona end this post with something i copy from my friends blog...
it can help girls to understand guys more!!
it really touch my heart when i'm reading this message...


如 果一个男生真的爱一个女生,他的许多都是女生不懂得,男生对女生的尊重和爱也不会比女生付出的少,因为男生承受的东西本就很多,男生的心不会比女生坚强, 因为女生可以发泄,而男生却只能压在心底。。。很多时候不要太责怪一个男生。。。因为他爱的同样甚至更深。。只不过被深深的藏起。。。


^Turtle^ said...


so far away.

Ying said...

turtle ur comment so fu yan

ehh fren i miss u also maa :))
i also always got the same feeling with u.. feel lonely always..TT
but dont worry.. our frens are still with us..they love us much!!
take care ahh

Cheryl Leong said...

wah LATIN!
a sexy language
how do you say HOT,SEXY MEN in latin?

我只希望你会开心。。。 said...

lolx... turtle what u mean o?? haha

ying: u got alufa still lonely meh?? how r u now o??

cheryl: i learn medical terms in latin only... didnt learn "hot, sexy men" yet~ haha

he kang said...

nice post=)

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Dr. kold_kadavr_flatliner, MD, the Roamin' Cat said...

God bless you. Meet me Upstairs.

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